Permitting, Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

From licensing to regulatory compliance, we understand the difficulty in keeping your business legal in an ever-changing landscape. Our team is available to assist your business with local permits and authorizations, state licensing, and day-to-day regulatory compliance.

  • Local Permits
  • State Licensing
  • Regulatory Compliance Counsel
  • Administrative Hearings and Appeals

The California cannabis market is navigating quickly changing circumstances and regulations, at both the business and government levels. As these regulatory standards evolve, our team is ready to assist all cannabis businesses with licensing and permitting at state and local levels, temporary and traditional. Individuals who believe they may be prohibited from entering the cannabis industry because of a criminal record are also encouraged to contact our office regarding expungements and post-conviction relief programs that may enable the acquisition of a license.

Our office also keeps up to date on regulatory frameworks and can help your business stay compliant with all applicable state and local laws and regulations. Whether your question is about proper product packaging or permitted delivery rules – we can help. However, we also understand that the rules for commercial cannabis activities are new, untested, and potentially flawed. That is why our office is also available to help you advocate for changes in the regulations proposed by the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Food and Agriculture, and related agencies. For cities and counties that are interested in allowing cannabis activities for the first time, our office can also assist with the drafting and implementation of local ordinances designed to regulate cannabis activities in a manner that unlocks the full potential of California law.

In the event that your business is faced with an administrative hearing or appeal, the Law Offices of Omar Figueroa are ready to fight for your cause using almost twenty years of litigation experience. Finally, the Law Offices of Omar Figueroa continues to provide zealous criminal defense for our clients on charges related to cannabis, psychedelics, and similar matters. Our litigation team has extensive expertise in criminal and constitutional law and is admitted to practice in both federal and California state courts.