Civil Liberties

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Rescinds Federal Memoranda Regarding Marijuana Enforcement

January 4, 2018 – Today, United States Attorney General Jefferson B. Sessions, III rescinded a number of federal memoranda that provided guidance regarding marijuana and medical marijuana enforcement. Included in the memos that were rescinded is the Cole Memo, which laid out eight marijuana enforcement priorities for federal prosecutors in […]

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Reefer Badass

The United States has clearly entered sea-change territory when it comes to cannabis policy. A handful of states have legalized recreational marijuana use and more than half have legalized medical use while others are poised to do so. And in what will be the real game-changer, California may legalize recreational […]

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Mobilizing Help for People Accused of Hacking

When Senator Joseph R. McCarthy held hearings in the 1950s to question witnesses about their supposed ties to communism, critics accused him of fomenting a Red Scare hysteria. Decades later, the term Green Scare was used to describe a series of sweeping federal prosecutions of people involved in radical environmental […]

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