Attorney General Jeff Sessions Rescinds Federal Memoranda Regarding Marijuana Enforcement

January 4, 2018 – Today, United States Attorney General Jefferson B. Sessions, III rescinded a number of federal memoranda that provided guidance regarding marijuana and medical marijuana enforcement. Included in the memos that were rescinded is the Cole Memo, which laid out eight marijuana enforcement priorities for federal prosecutors in […]

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Guidelines Give More Clemency for Crack than Cannabis

A silver-haired 65-year-old “classic hippie” with soft eyes and a penchant for flowing skirts; there aren’t many people like Sherryanne “Share” Christie in federal prison. Christie began serving a 27-month sentence at a federal prison camp in Phoenix, Arizona, on Oct. 11, 2016. Her official punishment began after more than […]

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Feds' Medical Pot Fishing Expedition Hits Mendocino Chop

A federal subpoena for all registered growers in Mendocino could be narrowed or quashed — setting a national precedent. US Attorney Melinda Haag’s attempts to obtain Mendocino County’s medical pot-growing records is hitting some snags. Prosecutors for the US Attorneys Office of the Northern District of California continue to push […]

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'Anonymous' Hackers Plead Guilty To PayPal Cyberattack

13 defendants who pled guilty include Christopher Wayne Cooper, aka “Anthrophobic,” of Elberta, Ala.; Joshua John Covelli, aka “Absolem,” and, “Toxic,” of Fairborn, Ohio; Keith Wilson Downey of Jacksonville, Fla.; Mercedes Renee Haefer, aka “No,” and “MMMM,” of Las Vegas; Donald Husband, aka “Ananon,” of Fairfield, Calif.; Vincent Charles Kershaw, […]

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Feds Green Light Colorado Legalization, With Conditions

U.S. Attorneys are receiving new marching orders from the Dept. of Justice regarding pot legalization in states that have legalized marijuana, including Washington and Colorado. Prosecutors should not make a state-legal pot businesses a priority as long as they follow state law and meet eight key federal goals: 1) Preventing marijuana distribution […]

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